What are your rates?

The cost of any piece depends on the detail, size, and colour involved in what it is we’re creating.

For canvas art on average, starts at a minimum of $480 CAD but can increase or decrease depending on the size of the canvas, plus shipping (which can be calculated using your postal code/area code). Please use these charts to help you figure out what size you’re looking for!

For jacket customization, this depends on the price of your desired jacket, the price for the design, as well as shipping. Usually, this starts at a minimum of $545 CAD and can increase. For example, for something like the white Mac Miller jean jacket I customized, it would cost $700 CAD for the design alone, then $50 for the jacket cost, and then shipping (which can be calculated using your postal code/area code).

For shoe customization, you would either supply the shoes or send over the amount needed to purchase the desired shoes (they MUST be new), and typically a shoe customization would cost around $250 – $500 CAD, unless you’re tryna go all out. Plus shipping.

For custom tote bags, I have a supply of black or white 100% cotton tote bags available so no need to supply the bag. Typically a custom tote bag costs minimum $80 CAD (for a  small size) – $550 CAD (for a bigger size) but could surpass this depending on the detail and time put in. For example, the bag may be 15 x 15 inches (which could cost more to paint the entire thing), but if you only want 8 x 8 inches painted, then that would come out cheaper depending on the detail within the painting.

Example: Something like the cherub angel bag would cost $320 CAD. It’s a 15 x 15 inch bag, but the painting only covers about 8 x 8 inches, and took 16 hours to paint.

PLEASE keep in mind these are generalizations, some art can surpass the thousands or go low in the hundreds if need be, to get an exact cost on what you’re personally looking for please send me an email! I would love to help you brainstorm and figure out the perfect idea for you. This is just to give you an idea.

How does payment work?

I will always send over an invoice to your email and ask for a non refundable deposit of 50% of the original price. This means if you decide that you suddenly don’t want it anymore or anything like that, this deposit remains mine for taking up my time and materials that could have gone to someone else. This is to secure your place in my calendar as well as pay for the materials needed to start your piece, your piece will not be started without an upfront deposit.


If a jacket customization ends up costing $800 CAD, you would send me $400 CAD at the start, and then once it’s finished you will be notified, and then you would send the other $400 CAD and then it will be shipped out! Which you will receive a tracking number for.

Interest will be added to late payments.

If you live within Canada I accept etransfer, if you live outside Canada then I accept PayPal.


When it comes to washing your customized product, it highly depends on the product itself. I use Jacquard fabric paint which is permanent, washable, and sealed into the clothing/shoes.

Although, for shoes especially, a custom product is still to be treated as art. It is still delicate, if you beat up your airforces art can still get damaged just like any other product.

The paint is sealed with the iron, the heat helps set the paint into the product (this is for clothing only). For custom shoes I use a fabric paint seal to protect your design, any damage due to rough use is out of my control and out of the seal protector’s control.

Washing Instructions:

  1. ALWAYS wash in cold water.
  2. ALWAYS wash using the delicate cycle.
  3. Wash inside out as you would a graphic tee.
  4. Let it air dry.

Ironing Instructions:

Ironing is completely safe as long as you iron on the side that isn’t painted, for example, when ironing a jacket that has been customized on the back, iron on the inside of the jacket instead of the outside that is painted on.

If you’re worried about the material used, I like to put a towel over the jacket and iron on top of it so it doesn’t get in direct contact with the material.

If you decide you’re ready to send an email on what you want…

Please include in your email:

  • What type of piece (canvas, jacket, shoes, etc.)
  • An idea of what you want to see (or if you want me to come up with it myself)
  • Reference photos, this can include customs you’ve seen in the past that I can take note of, overall mood you’re going for, the person/subject you may want painted, etc
  • When you need this by (The earlier the better, things get busy, I cannot do your custom in less than two weeks especially if it needs to be shipped outside of Canada due to how long the postal services may or may not take.)

For any other questions and inquiries feel free to contact me! I’m happy to help.