About The Artist

Julia Donnici is a 21 year old self-taught Canadian artist and is currently enrolled full-time in University located in Toronto. She specializes in realism with her main medium being acrylic paint, and draws inspiration from European Renaissance, high fashion, film, as well as her interest in the many female icons of her (and her past) generation(s). Julia has had the honour of travelling around Italy to visit family and explore beautiful cities, as the different works and architecture she had gotten the opportunity to experience plays a strong role regarding her love for the arts.

Julia’s evolution of fine art allows her to freely express herself while being able to evoke emotion in her audience whether it be from the striking contrast and colour, edgy themes and subjects, dark canvases, as well as the technique she has developed from years of constant practice through her passion for the arts. Julia attempts to execute feelings and experiences to the best to her ability, and uses them as a means for inspiration.

Although she has been an artist her entire life, Julia put her serious career as an artist in motion in 2018 and has since created individual commissions for a number of clients and has had her work displayed in The Mac Miller Pop-Up Shop: Circles (NYC, LA, Pittsburg), The Myseum of Toronto, as well as several other local art shows held in the city of Toronto at venues such as The Mod Club Theatre.

Pictured: Julia Donnici (via Instagram)